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How to Print on the HP TouchPad

The TouchPad can print to network-capable HP printers that were made in the past 5 years or so and are available on the current Wi-Fi network.

Connect a Printer to the HP TouchPad

1. Select Print Managerfrom the settings menu.

2. Tap “Add or remove printer”A menu will appear showing a list of available networks and auto discovered printers.

3. Select the printer you want if it appears on the Auto Discovered List.

4. Enter the IP address and a name of your choice (“My HP Printer”) then tap “Add Printer” to manually install a printer that has not been autodetected.

Print a Document, E-mail, or Web Page on the HP TouchPad

1. Select print from the upper left hand context menu with your web page / e-mail / document open.

 Select the printer you want to print to from your list.


3. Choose number of copies and tap Print.

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