How to Move Predictive Text on BlackBerry 10's Keyboard

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BlackBerry 10's predictive text option allows users to swipe predicted words up from the smartphone's virtual keyboard into any text field. The feature works by displaying predicted words above their first letter on the keyboard. But you can also change where predicted words appear to make them more easily visible. To change it:

  1. Navigate to the home screen or BlackBerry Hub and swipe down from the top of the display to bring up the Settings menu.
  2. Select the Settings app and tap Language and Input.


  3. Scroll down to the Text Input section and choose On-Screen Keyboard.


  4. Select Portrait Mode to edit how predicted words appear when typing in portrait mode or Landscape mode to change how they appear while typing in landscape mode. 


  5. Choose In-Letter to make predicted words appear over their first letters, In-Column to make them appear in a column above the keyboard or Off to turn off predictive text. 

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