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How to Get Sports Scores Using Siri in iOS 6

One of Siri’s best new features is its ability to provide users with a host of information about their favorite sports teams.

Want to know the score of last night’s Mets game?
Open Siri and ask, “What was the score of last night’s Mets game?”

• Siri will display a card with the complete score summary as well as an audible message telling your whether your team won or lost.

If you want to see when the game New York Giants game is:
Open Siri and ask, “When is the next New York Giants game?”

• You’ll receive a card with the time of the Giants’ next game, as well as their record and their opponent’s record.

To check to see where your team ranks in the national standings:
Open Siri and ask, “What place are the New York Yankees in?”

• Siri will automatically display a card with the standings for your team’s league.

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