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How to Enable Do Not Disturb in iOS 6

With iOS 6 comes Apple’s new Do Not Disturb feature. Users can now set specific times of day when incoming phone and FaceTime calls and alerts will automatically be silenced. To enable Do Not Disturb:

Open the Settings menu and swipe the On/Off slider next to the Do Not Disturb tab to On.

Open the Notifications tab, select Do Not Disturb and set the hours during which you want your calls and alerts to be silenced.

You can also set Do Not Disturb to allow calls from people listed as Favorites in your Contacts list.  To do this:

Tap the Allow Calls From tab and select Favorites. You can also choose from specific groups, or set the feature to Everyone or No One.

• As a fallback, you can also set Do Not Disturb to allow calls from people who ring you more than once within a three-minute window to come through without being silenced.

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