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How to Add Exhibition Apps to the HP TouchPad

Like a better screen saver, webOS Exhibition is a feature that rotates through active content such as feeds, weather, and gallery photos while your TouchPad is sitting in its dock or otherwise left untouched. By default, Exhibition coms with Time, Agenda, Photos/Video, and Facebook apps installed.

How to Add Exhibition Apps to the HP TouchPad

1. Launch Exhibition from the Settings menu.

2. Tap the Find More button. An apps menu appears with a list of top, paid, and free Exhibit apps.

3. Tap the price or free button to download additional apps.

4. Close the Exhibition settings menu and reopen it to see the new apps on the menu.

5. Select which apps you want to feed content to the TouchPad’s Exhibition mode.

6. Hit the Start Exhibition button to see what your Exhibition looks like.

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