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Nearly 8 Percent of Cellphones Get Run Over

A recent contest, sponsored by the phone recycling company Gazelle, offered insight into how people break their phones. Among the findings, 7.8 percent are run over while water accounts for 17.9 percent of accidents. Drops, unsurprisingly, make up 30.3 percent of phone accidents. The company counted drops as both phones falling out of hands as falling off of tables. 

Under the catch-all Other category, 20 percent of phones are broken by any number of causes. But thanks to the contests rules of asking people to explain their crazy stories, we can glean some interesting oddities, including phones that fall when an owner is upside down on a roller coaster or which are lost to sinkholes. An unlisted, but amusing number of phones get eaten by animals. 

We have to wonder about the 5 percent of people who broke their phones by throwing them. Did they really think tossing the main means of communication would curb your anger? Children were responsible for almost 4 percent of broken phones. It may seem tempting to let your kid use your phone to play a game when they're having a tantrum, but they probably won't treat it with the same amount of care. And pets attribute for around 4 percent. Why you'd let your phone anywhere near Fido's paws -- or jaws -- is beyond us.

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There's a lesson here: Use your common sense. With any device that costs a significant amount of money, you don't want to have to replace it regularly, especially not when it lets you get in touch with the outside world. So try to keep your phone close at all times, don't take it in harmful environments like where it could get wet and please, whatever you do, don't let it near the kids or pets.