Henge Docks Introduces Vertical Dock for the MacBook Air

LAS VEGAS -- Adding to a good-looking line of docking stations, Henge Docks announced a similar solution for the 11-and 13-inch versions of the Apple MacBook Air at CES 2012. The Henge Dock cleans up desk space with a cord-locking system that also fixes the Air in a footprint-saving vertical position. 

Thanks to a built-in slot for the MacBook Air's Thunderbolt port, the Henge Dock quickly connects the ultraportable to a 27-inch Thunderbolt display, allowing for superfast data transfers. If you've got one of those $999 external displays handy, that means you can watch any video saved on your notebook in a stunningly high resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels.

The Henge Dock can also be used to connect to any other external monitor or home entertainment system, so if you're fond of plugging your MacBook Air in to a larger, stationary set-up from time to time, this dock can make that connection.

The Henge Dock for the 11-inch MacBook Air costs $55 and the 13-inch version will cost $60. Both can be pre-ordered today at hengedocks.com.

Social Media Editor