Help Me, LAPTOP: Big-Screen Notebook For Day Trading

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Brokers and traders are known for their multi-monitor set-ups in the office. But getting a comparable arrangement with a laptop can be challenging. At least it is for Jeremy in Canada. He writes:

"I am looking to purchase a laptop for use in day trading. I need a large screen (17-inches), fast processing power (Core i7), and good controls. Gaming machines usually work well. I prefer something that looks badass, but isn't too cumbersome and heavy. Recently I have fallen in love with SSDs...this has been my real problem--finding a good price on a laptop with an SSD. I am trying to keep well under $2,000, but will pay that if I have to. Any suggestions?"

We've got two smoking-hot suggestions for you, Jeremy. Both recommendations include AMD graphics cards that work with ATI's Eyefinity technology. This multi-display graphics feature allows users to plug in up to six external displays for the kind of panoramic computing a home-office day trader might need. However, as your own research might indicate, finding a sub-$2,000 price tag is a problem.

Our first suggestion is a gaming notebook that, according to our five-star review, can only be described as the baddest badass on the market: the Alienware M17x.  Here's the configuration we recommend for you: Intel Core i7-2630QM processor, 4GB of RAM, AMD Radeon HD 6870M discrete graphics with 1GB of video memory, DVD burner, and a 17.3-inch display with a 1600 x 900-pixel, 720p-capable resolution. With all that, and the 256GB solid state drive your heart desires, this config of the Alienware M17x will cost $2,099, a little more than your max price. However, if you buy this notebook with a coupon code from before May 18th, you can shave off $75, which makes the final tally $2,024 (there's another code for free shipping at the same link).

Our second recommendation, the HP Envy 17, is a bit understated in the looks department, but it's sure to get the job done. Yes, the HP's chassis may be stark (yet beautiful), but the Envy 17 is packing major power under the hood. Namely, its got the Core i7 processing power you need,  discrete graphics support thanks to an AMD Radeon 6850M graphics card,  and 6GB of RAM. That configuration will cost $1,649, but it doesn't include a solid state drive. The only HP Envy 17 config to include an SSD is a 800GB hybrid storage drive with a 160GB SSD and a 640GB, 7,200-rpm HDD, and that hardware adds $610 ($2,129) to the total price of the system. If you can forgo the convenience and protection of an SSD, you can enjoy the Envy 17's humongous 1.5TB storage drive with a still-quick 7,200-rpm spin speed.

Happy shopping!

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  • kevinusa Says:

    you people with daytrader in ur name have no idea, it doesn't matter if he trades from a 20 monitor setup, or from his cell phone, what matters are the trades he makes. 30 years ago, most trades where made by phone. U think all these people were morons, is warren buffet a moron for you, because i don't think he makes his decisions based on his computer setup. Sure, multiple monitors help a lot, but there not the reason for success. Maybe u learn about the basics of trading before u start buying gear.

    Take the welder for example, he probably gets better results with a lighter than u can get with the most expensive equipment.

  • Chelsea Says:

    You guys may have a point, but some of the best traders I know trade off their laptops on the beach or at home...

  • LordChaos Says:

    Hahahahahaa, well put.

  • JustAnotherDayTrader Says:

    happy for you, that you're certified welder and my advice could only be to stick to welding, instead of trading. :)
    ING share builder, :) well, this is a real joke. A hundred $ bonus and no minimum account, you have a bumpy path ahead of you, you're an amateur.
    Directly on your question:"So if he’s a joke for wanting to use a laptop for trading then what am I"
    You're "yetanothermoron". :)

  • Jim Says:

    Don't upgrade to SSD via HP Store... One 256 GB SSD at Amazon is way cheaper (and has more storage) than its hybrid storage drive. Upgrade it yourself, or get help of a friend.

  • yetanotherdaytrader Says:

    So if he's a joke for wanting to use a laptop for trading then what am I? I have a full time job as a certified welder and I trade with my android smart phone using ING Share Builder throughout the day.

  • yetanotherdaytrader Says:

    So if he's a joke for wanting to use a laptop for trading then what am I, I have a full time job as a certified welder and I trade with my android smart phone using ING Share Builder throughout the day.

  • JustАnotherDayTrader Says:

    This sounds like a joke. No normal trader needs mobility, which is the main reason you would go for a laptop.
    No trader will ever execute deals on the go, instead of using the comfort of a well built desktop configuration with one or two nice 22" displays, which is the most important part of the setup.
    If you ever need to use a laptop for trading, for example in the hotel on a trip or when visiting your parents for thanksgiving, all you need is a common 15" mainstream notebook with a decent CPU (could be even single core) good load of RAM - 2 Gigs no matter the frequency and what really counts - superb mouse and external USB numpad.
    But even in that case trading outside the office is a nonsense and family holidays should be spent with the ones you love not with the market.

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