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Hasbro zAPPed Video Hands-On: Monopoly Plus iPhone Equals Fun

At Toy Fair 2012, iPads and board games go together like milk and honey. We've already seen an all-in-one game board for the iPad from GameChanger and numerous smartphone and tablet apps that work with physical toys, and Hasbro is yet another company offering its take on this trend. At its private showroom today, Hasbro showed us The Game of Life and Monopoly from its new zAPPed gaming line.

The zAPPED line combines the touchscreen interface of an iPad (some games, such as Monopoly, work with the iPhone and iPod touch as well) with a physical board game. In The Game of Life version, for example, players choose their character, career, spouse and more on the tablet but move their car on the game board.

We also previewed the Monopoly game, which will launch in June with an MSRP of $24.99. Instead of paper cards, there are special teched-up versions which users can tap to the iPhone's screen to add money to their virtual bank accounts and more via the free iOS app. We shot a video of Hasbro's demo--take a look below.