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Upcoming Gmail App for Android 4.2 Brings Pinch-to-Zoom, Swipe to Delete

The Android version of Gmail is already one of the better email apps around, but a couple of new additions in the upcoming Android 4.2 version of the app promise to make Google's messaging service more smoothly functional than ever before.

Android Police claims it snagged its copy of Gmail for Android 4.2 from a system dump originating from an all-but-confirmed LG Nexus smartphone. The new additions are minor, yet should make the Gmail user experience much more enjoyable. First and foremost, Google is finally -- finally! -- adding a pinch-to-zoom function to the Gmail app. The lack of pinch-to-zoom is easily the most glaring flaw in the current version of Gmail.

The next addition also takes advantage of touchscreen gestures and does away with needless button presses. Gmail 4.2 introduces a "Swipe to Archive/Delete" feature, which lets you swipe messages off the right side of the screen to automatically archive or delete them. Users can change the system settings to configure the app for one method or the other.

The update also adds the ability to mark messages as a phishing scams. Android Police says the Gmail app it has in its possession will run on any rooted Android 4.0-plus smartphone, though it will obviously make its way to handsets upgraded to Android 4.2 in due time.