Get More Out of Your Ink Cartridge

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We’ve all been there: After staying up all night to work on a report or term paper, you discover that you're out of ink. No!

How to do it:

  • Remove the cartridges and run the warm dryer on the spot where the ink comes out for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Try printing again while the cartridge is still warm. The hair dryer heats the ink and helps it flow through the cartridge’s tiny nozzles.

What Happened:

We checked the ink levels of our printer before we applied this method. The black ink had run completely dry, while the colored ink was already printing in streaks when we attempted to produce a hard copy of Laptopmag's homepage. We ran the hair dryer on the almost-dry ink cartridges, and tried to print again. The black cartridge wouldn’t budge, but the colored ink printed with better (darker) quality.

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  • CoveHD Says:

    Hi, my new HP cartridge dried up and refused to print after sitting about 4 months iddle, I discovered this method by myself, I heated it with a hairdryer and then left the rest of the day into the sun to cook it and now it works pretty much perfectly. Cheers :)

  • Ted Says:

    Much better least for me! :
    I have an HP psc1209. It uses HP#56 black ink cartridge. It ran out of black ink as indicated by very faint printed text. I opened the print cartridge door (with power on), waited for the cartridge to stop moving and then closed the door back up. After that I got good (dark) black least for maybe a dozen pages. Then it got faint again...repeated the door opening and again I get a good print out. I wonder how many times I can do this??

  • Octavia Wilson Says:

    This didn't work for me.

  • utrhre Says:

    this does not work and it will never work just buy u a new catraidge

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