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GamePop Challenges Ouya with $129 Android Console

Ouya better watch its back. BlueStacks, the startup known for bringing Android apps to Macs and PCs, has launched Gamepop, a home console for Android gaming. At first glance, the new system looks like a white and blue variation of D-Link's Boxee Box. But where the console stands apart is its approach to Android gaming. Instead of paying for every individual title on Ouya, gamers can play to their hearts content on GamePop with a Netflix-style subscription service.

For a $6.99 monthly fee, gamers can access BlueStack's library of 500 mobile games in an all-you-can-play buffet style. And instead of forking out $49.99 for a controller, Gamepop players can transform an Android phone or iPhone into a controller via an app.  BlueStacks has been giving away free consoles and controller to early subscribers, which are expected to ship sometime this winter. Best of all, the company has extended the giveaway until June 30. Gamers that miss out on the giveaway will have to fork out $129 to place a preorder.

In terms of games, the FAQ on GamePop's site lists such favorites as "Jetpack Joyride" and "Talking Tom 2" in it's library. The title selection is constantly being updated and includes "over $200 in paid mobile games." However GamePop does have a full list of the titles its currently offering. Another big unknown are the specs including processor and operating system.