G Styled: Touching The Arc Isn't That Exciting

Okay, I'm back on the scene, coming off a nice week of vacation. This week, the crew at Laptop Magazine really needed my help on this product. There seems to be much hype around the Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse. No one can see why this mouse has this much attention, so I'll check to weigh in on it.

First off, I like the uniqueness of this mouse, it is definitely different. The mouse is completely flat in its off mode. To turn this mouse on, you bend it into a curved position. Using the mouse was indeed comfortable, so I give it that.

The buttons on the Arc Touch are a glossy piano black and the area your wrist rests on has a rubberized feel to it. Then you have the "touch" part of the mouse. Honestly this isn't that exciting. Instead of a scroll wheel, you can scroll up and down by just sliding your finger on this surface. That in itself is cool, but then Microsoft decided to give it vibration feedback.

Vibration feedback is used so you can feel the scrolling that is being done, and ok this makes sense. Why Microsoft decided that a weird croaking sound needed to accompany the vibration feedback is beyond me. It sounds so much like a frog that I started calling this Kermit control.

Beyond that, the Microsoft Arc Touch mouse isn't bad at all. It is a very unique and yes stylish mouse overall, but I feel it doesn't stand out among the many other options out there. Would I buy this mouse over something from Logitech? Probably not. But I would give it a shot.

G Style Rating: Fashion WallFlower

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