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G Styled: Samsung Galaxy Players - High-Class Android PMPs or iPod Knockoffs?

I must say right off the bat, the Galaxy Player 4.0 definitely looks like a first generation iPhone or maybe the iPhone 3G. The 5.0 not so much. The Galaxy Players are supposed to be the media- only counterparts of the successful Galaxy S Phone models, but the real question is "are they worth buying?"

If you're going to buy any of the Galaxy Players, I would suggest the 4.0. Though when you use it people won't know if you are using a Galaxy Player or an iPhone, the 4.0 is the better of the two. It's small, compact, and the screen is awesome! I used to have the Samsung Captivate, and the one thing I loved most about it was that sexy screen. To me, it was like having a mini HDTV in your pocket; the screen looked that good! The same thing holds true with the Galaxy Player 4.0.

The Galaxy Player 5.0 however is another story. It's like the 4.0 got all the looks in the family, and the 5.0 was left with what remained at the end. The 5.0 is chunky, and oddly shaped at 5 inches. That extra inch makes it kind of weird. It's too small to be a tablet it, but too much of a monstrosity to be a regular old MP3 player. To add insult to injury, it doesn't have as great of a screen like the 4.0. So for all its size, it doesn't even have that mini HDTV in your pocket feel, which is a real fail on Samsung's part.

The questions still remains: are these worth buying? I mean if you like Android, you probably already have an Android phone, making the purchase of this pointless. And if you have an iOS device like a iPod Touch, I can't see why you would switch to this, especially when the 4.0 is going for more than the cheapest iPod Touch. But if you just have to have an Android device to play your music and movies, but don't want to pay for a data plan, the Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 might be for you. You can skip the 5.0 model though.

Galaxy Player 4.0 G Style Rating: Fashion Forward
Galaxy Player 5.0 G Style Rating: Fashion Fail