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G Styled: HP Veer - The Tamagotchi of Smartphones

Man, this week at the Laptop Magazine office left me in tears. I don't think I've laughed that much in awhile; all thanks to the new HP Veer.

People, this thing is super tiny! I knew it was going to be small, but pictures of this thing make it look WAY bigger than it is in person. By no way do I have huge hands, but holding the Veer makes me look as if my hands are swollen or those of Andre the Giant (if you don't know who he is, Google it please...).

Truthfully, I like the HP Veer -- it is so super cute. I would buy the Veer as a nice secondary phone or a play thing. I'd probably buy it for my daughter -- at age four, this looks perfect for her.

Okay, I know it might seem like I have nothing but jokes about this phone, but that is just because I was seriously caught off guard by the size of it. One good point is that it is using HP WebOS, which I think is a very sexy, smooth operating system. It also has a nice rubberized body (love the rubber!). Besides the basic black, it also comes in Panda (black & white).

Only negative I have with this phone is because of its size. Don't bother trying to web surf on it unless you have microscopic vision. The Veer would be perfect for people who actually like to talk on their phones. Also might make a good teen sensation.

Overall, if you already have a primary phone and you're looking for something fun to play with, the Veer is for you. But no self respecting adult should be seen with this phone as their primary!

HP Veer G Style Rating: Care Bears Cute

Jason Anderson is a self-proclaimed gadget head and publisher of G Style Magazine where he covers all things “fashionably technical.” He contributes a weekly post on laptop and gadget panache. The views and opinions Jason expresses are his own.