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Freshfiber iPhone Cases Bring European Fashion Flavor to U.S.

No worries, trend hoppers: There is a saving grace for your ailing tech-fashionista lifestyle and - surprise, surprise - it's European. Freshfiber, the Dutch design company that launched U.S. products in November, continues to expand their lineup with two new iPhone cases that epitomize the geometric design that has become the company's trademark.

Freshfiber's cases are made of multi-layered geometric patterns applied using three-dimensional printing, creating a depth that's unique from traditionally flat, monolayer phone cases. Polyamide, a polymer used in sports equipment and packaging for its durability and low cost, is the main ingredient Freshfiber uses in the cases. They're tough, easy to clean and the complicated asymmetric shapes and weaving cross-hatches of the design form air pockets within the case, keeping the phone cool. That same design will also carry some of the shock if the phone's dropped.

As is with any fashion trend, the chic patterns are likely to come and go on cultural whims. The company regularly adds new designs and builds upon existing ones. In the U.S., four models of iPhone cases are offered in Apple stores (more are available online), including the newest Macedonia and Mondriaan designs.

Modeled off bird bone structure, there's no doubt that the Macedonia is soaring with artistic expression - or at least that's the idea of this case. Double layers of material intertwine, making a hypnotic design whose curves overlap each other and leave an attractively porous surface that takes the shape of lively, overgrown tree branches. Similarly layered but more appealing to the modern neo-plasticist, the Mondriaan harnesses the more rigid artistic nature of the namesake Dutchman. At just 10 grams, the cases may be layered, but they're light.

Both retail at $39 and can be purchased in Apple stores as well as online with the rest of Freshfiber's interesting - to say the least - cases.