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FreedomPop Announces LTE Clip, Gives iPad, Android Tablets Free LTE

Soon, the term "clip-on" may become en vogue once again. FreedomPop is slated to release the LTE Clip, which will give Android slates and iPads LTE connectivity free of charge, excluding the price of the item itself.

The LTE Clip doesn't plug into your tablet; it simply attaches to Wi-Fi only tablets and connects via Sprint's LTE network, conserving precious ports. Weighing 2.5-ounces, the LTE Clip can be used with up to eight devices simultaneously and promises 6 hours of battery life on a full charge. 4G service is capped at 500MB per month out of the box, but users can pay for more should they desire to.

Pricing information is currently unavailable for additional data and the device itself, but the LTE Clip should be hitting the market in the second half of this year. In the interim, keep it locked here for all FreedomPop and LTE Clip-related news and announcements.

via SlashGear