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First Sprint LTE Smartphone is Samsung Galaxy Nexus with 1.5-GHz, According to Leaked Ad

In addition to announcing its first five LTE markets and pegging new devices with the new 4G standard for arrival in the second half of the year, Sprint also made news with plans to release the Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone with LTE as well. 

The details were revealed through an advertisement posted at yesterday, according to Engadget. The promo touted the Galaxy Nexus as "the first 4G LTE phone for Sprint". It also mentioned that the phone will have a 1.5-GHz processor. That's a faster CPU than the version of the device currently sold exclusively by Verizon Wireless.

Sprint CEO Dan Hesse recently announced that Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio would be the first five markets to light up Sprint's 4G LTE networks. It makes sense that the company is gearing up to do battle with Verizon because Big Red, the number one U.S. carrier, enjoys a lucrative and successful deployment of the LTE wireless standard. Launching the data service with a competing version of Verizon's most popular Android smartphone is a perfect opening salvo.

Of course, the ad was removed rather quickly, implying that Sprint was not ready to go live with details of its LTE launch strategy just yet. If the company sought to stoke early interest in its rising LTE network though, it certainly succeeded. Look for more Sprint news to  develop at next week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Via and image credit: Engadget