How to Configure Gmail in Outlook 2013

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So you love using Outlook to manage your email, but you also have a Gmail account and you're sick of opening separate windows just to read another email account. Guess what: you don't have to. Not only that, you can also have Outlook alert you whenever you get a new message in your Gmail inbox. Here's how to set up Outlook to receive your Gmail messages.

1. Click File in the Home screen to bring up Office's backstage mode.

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2. Hit the Add Account button. This brings up an account setup window 

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3.  Fill in all the fields with your Gmail account information. In the Password field, just enter the password you use to access your account from Gmail's login screen.

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4. Click Next when you've filled up all four fields. 


5. Hit Finish when Outlook is done setting up your account. This normally takes about a minute. 

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You should notice the messages from your Gmail begin to fill your Outlook inbox. If your account has a lot of mail accumulated in it, the process could take awhile. 

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