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Company Uses Halo-wearing Steve Jobs Impersonator to Shill Android Tablet

A Taiwanese tech company is causing quite a stir across the web for using a Steve Jobs impersonator, complete with angel wings and a halo floating above his head, to shill its new tablet. The ad, which made its way to YouTube earlier this week, was produced by Taiwan-based Action Electronics, to promote its Android-based Action Pad tablet.

In the video, the Jobs look-alike, dress in Jobs' trademark black turtleneck, blue jeans, and wire rim glasses, stands on a replica of the stage Jobs stood on while announcing the original iPad, right down to the chair the late Apple CEO sat in while demoing the device. The imposter even mimics Jobs' movements as he describes the Action Pad, calling it amazing, one of Jobs' most frequently used superlatives.

At the end of the 24-second clip, the Jobs impersonator sits back with the tablet and says, "Thank God, I can finally play [with] another pad." You can check out the ad below. Do you think it's in poor taste?