How to Change Firefox’s Default Email Handling

Clicking a mailto: link in any browser typically opens up the default email client your PC got bundled with (usually Windows or Mac Mail). But Firefox allows you to change how these links are handled in just a few steps. Once changed, you’ll open all mailto: links in the client of your choice, whether it’s Gmail on the web, or a third-party client, like Inky.

1. Open Firefox.

2. Click the hamburger menu at the right of the address bar.

3. Click the Options icon.

4. Choose Applications from the sidebar at the left.

5. Type mailto into the search bar and then click the link that remains below to highlight it.

6. Choose an option from the drop down menu with an email client you’d prefer to use.

Alternatively, you can add your own if your preference isn’t listed. If you have the client installed, it’ll typically display in this window.

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