Case-Mate Reveals Super-Cute New Creatures Collection iPhone Cases

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Add some character to your iPhone. Case-Mate's new creature collection of iPhone covers release your inner child for just $24.99. Three of the new silicone sleeve designs are based on monsters and the others on animals, each one with its own designated personality. The stylized, simplistic but vibrant designs look great for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd and add a splash of color into their lives. 
Raised silicone pieces and textured exteriors integrated into the colorful designs give the covers both attitude and an improved grip. Plus, they protect your iPhone from bumps, drops and scrapes. On each Creature's individual page, Case-Mate has included a video. Monsta's is far and away the most nonsensical and entertaining, while Tut and Frank share a video. Gil and Hoot are shown in their natural cartoon environment (the ocean and a tree, respectively), and Waddler gets a spy movie-style trailer showing each of its features close up.
The Creature cases are cute, and their individual personalities (Frank, for instance, is a grouch) make them stand out from the lineup of other iPhone covers on the market. Case-Mate touts the cases' appeal to the imagination, emphasizing character and individuality. So, are you a monster, a fish, or a bird?
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