10 Best Tweaks for Your Jailbroken iPhone

The world of jailbreak tweaks can be a bit confusing and overwhelming. Once you've jailbroken your device and taken that plunge into the Cydia store to utilize your new-found freedom, you quickly realize that it isn't organized very well and there is no way of knowing what jailbroken apps are even worth checking out.

To try and help shed some light in this rather dimly lit world, we've put together our favorite ten jailbreoken apps that we think are worth your time in checking out. Check out the ten we picked below and the video for each that shows you how to install the tweak and set it up.

To do be able to use any of the following tweaks, you must be on iOS 7.0.6 or below and jailbroken. If you are on that version and would like to jailbreak to get the following benefits (and more), head to our How to Jailbreak iOS 7 using Evasion tutorial, complete it, and come back to here to continue.


Ever want gesture controls on your iPhone? Activator adds a plethora of gestures that you can then tie actions to. Tapping the screen with three fingers can do something, pinching in can do something else, etc. You can get Activator by searching for "Activator" in the Cydia store and installing it for free.


Sick of the same old, boring font Apple picked for iOS? Bytafont allows you to select from from a collection of fonts and change it up. Bytafont itself is free and so are a lot of the font collections if you  head to the Cydia store, search for "BytaFont 2", and install it.


I think I get the most comments on my iPhone's status bar, which has a Pac-Man symbol where the AT&T logo should be. Available as a free download from the Cydia store, Zeppelin is the tweak responsible for this and it's free. Simply install it to use any of the icons it comes with (including the batman symbol) or install it then search Cydia for more Zeppelin icons. 

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Music Widget

Widgets aren't just for Android users. Music widget is a great little tweak that puts a moveable widget on your device's screen that you can use to control whatever song you are listening to. Not only can you position thed widget on the screen where you need it, but you can even slide it off the screen and recall it using a small tab that appears whenever you need it.  Music Widget can be downloaded from the Cydia store for $1.99.

AutoFill Fingerprints

The iPhone 5S's Touch ID feature isn't  being used to its full potential.  Apple only enabled it to allow you to use your fingerprint to unlock the device and to pay for purchases in the App Store, but  jailbreak tweakers have had a field day making it work with other appropriate features. With a few tweaks, you can use your fingerprint to auto-fill passwords for websites and apps on your iPhone. Search for iTouchSecure in the Cydia store and you can install this tweak for $4.99.

Free Wifi Tethering

On most carriers, Wi-Fi tethering  requires an extra monthly fee. This tweak (for $5 one time) allows you to bypass your carrier's limitations and get free tethering, which counts against your existing data plan. Just search Cydia for TetherMe and pay the $4.99 to install it.

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Live Weather Wallpaper

Dynamic wallpapers were introduced with iOS 7 but, unlike with Android live wallpapers where you can download new ones from the Play Store, Apple limited you to just the ones they included with the update. Jailbreakers have released several new dynamic wallpapers that you can install, but the Live Weather wallpaper really stands out. Available if you search for "Forecast" in the Cydia store, this $0.99 tweak automatically uses your iPhone's location to determine what the weather is in your area at the time and then changes your background or lockscreen accordingly. 


 Springtomize is one of the most popular jailbreak tweaks of all-time, because it allows you to change every aspect of the iOS UI. Want more icons per page on the homescreen or transitions to change as you swipe? Need to remove items from the control center or the lock screen? You can make all those changes and more by downloading Springtomize 3 from the  Cydia store for $2.99.


IntelliscreenX  makes the lock screen and control center  more functional by adding in feeds from your social networks,  email account and weather forecasts. It also provides a new app switcher and some added functionality for your messaging app. Head to the Cydia store and search for "IntelliscreenX 7" and install it to give it a try. After a trial period, it will cost $9.99.


Winterboard allows you to download themes that change the look of your app icons, giving your home screen a completely new aesthetic. Using Winterboard with Sprintomize, which we mentioned above, is a great way to change the entire look and feel of your iPhone. Winterboard is a free download from the Cydia store.

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