The Best Deals in Amazon's Digital Day Sale

Amazon is closing out 2018 with a bang. For the third consecutive year, the online retailer is slashing the price of its digital content during its annual Digital Day sale. 

Digital Day will be begin on Friday, Dec. 28 and it'll include massive discounts on apps, Kindle books, movies, magazines, and more.

The sale is particularly noteworthy because it encompasses various categories. For instance, if you got a new Kindle over the holidays, you can get many best-selling Kindle books from just $1.99. Or if you're moviegoer and have a new Fire Tablet, Amazon will offer select rentals for as low as 99 cents.   

Amazon has started to tease some of this year's sales and the discounts include:

Digital Day takes place on Dec. 28, but some deals will start as early as Dec. 26.