7 Cheap USB Flash Drives (Under $10), Ranked Best to Worst

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Sure, we have cloud services now, but that doesn’t mean flash drives are obsolete. USB flash drives are easy to transport, typically inexpensive, and are helpful on those days when you need to transfer files offline no login required.

It's easy to find a 16GB flash drive with USB 3.0 for under $10 or, if speed is less important, a 32GB USB 2.0 model. To help you find the best USB flash drive under $10, we tested several popular models and rated them based on their performance and design. Below, you'll find them ranked from best to worst.

How we tested

We used our File Transfer test, which copies 4.97GB of mixed media files, from PC to USB Flash Drive, and Flash Drive to PC. We ran our tests on each flash drive three times on a Surface Book with Performance Base, and averaged the scores.

Image Credit: Shaun Lucas/ Laptop Mag