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Avalanche Studios CTO Calls PS4 a PC Killer

We've been hearing for years that smartphones and tablets are going to be the death of the PC. But if you ask some in the gaming community, the console could put the PC out to pasture.

It's no secret that many current gaming notebooks outperform the current generation of consoles. However, in a recent interview Linus Blomberg, CTO and Avalanche Studios cofounder, believes that the upcoming PlayStation 4 console could be a potential console killer. Although Sony hasn't revealed the full specs of its machine, Blomberg says the PS4 "will not only be a very powerful gaming machine from a hardware perspective, but it will also be a social tool and integrated marketplace more akin to the successful mobile devices."

In addition, Blomberg believes that Sony made the right decision using "off-the-shelf" components such as the 8-core x86 CPU, 8GB of GDDR memory and an enhanced GPU. The move allows Sony to make the "incremental improvements" necessary to sustain a long-cycle console.

As far as creating games for the PS4, Avalanche Studios is excited for the upcoming possibilities. “It’s a perfect fit for the types of games we do, and we are confident that we’ll bring open-world gaming to a whole new level because of it." 

Via Gamespot