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Apple’s Low Cost iPhone May Be Called the iPhone 5C

There’s been no shortage of speculation about Apple’s iPhone 5S, the company’s supposed future flagship, but a new rumor provides some indication as to what Apple’s budget iPhone could be called. According to purportedly leaked images of Apple retail packaging, the rumored budget iPhone could be dubbed the iPhone 5C.

The photo, which initially appeared on the Chinese WeiPhone forum that has provided credible leaks in the past, depicts a manufacturer’s bin full of retail boxes labeled iPhone 5C. The plastic boxes suggest that this could be the packaging for Apple’s rumored plastic-coated iPhone, and the title hints that Apple may have adopted a new naming convention for its alleged budget iPhones.

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There’s no confirmation to verify the image, but Apple Insider speculates that the C could stand for Color, given the long-winded rumors that have said Apple’s cheaper iPhone would come in a slew of different shades. What’s more, the plastic retail boxing shown in the images resembles those of the newest iPod Touch, which comes in a variety of colors like the rumored budget iPhone.

Previous rumors have painted a picture of what we can expect from Apple’s rumored low-cost iPhone, which may resemble a mix of the current iPhone 5 and newest iPod Touch. Apple has allegedly been testing larger screens for its upcoming iPhones in the 4.7 and 5.7-inch range, so we're likely to expect some increase in screen size. Meanwhile, Apple is reportedly prepping a flagship successor to the iPhone 5 known as the iPhone 5S, which is rumored to come with a dual flash camera, a bigger battery and a similar design to the current iPhone. 

We’re expecting to hear more about Apple’s plans for its next iPhone this fall,  marking one year since the iPhone 5’s September launch. Apple's next mobile operating, iOS 7, is also rumored to launch in conjunction with Apple's next iPhone.

via WeiPhone, Apple Insider