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Apple Patent Could Change Way We Touch iPhone, iPad

While some companies like LG are experimenting with rear-mounted touch controls, Apple wants to add more sensors to the front of your iPhone or iPad. A new Apple patent details technology that would implement force sensors into the corners of a mobile device, adding a new input method for users.

Apple says the technology would be part of an effort to more accurately interpret gestures from mobile users. So, for example, the integrated force sensors could make it easier for the phone to pick up swipes from the left or right. Theoretically, these sensors could be embedded in an area such as the bezels on your iPhone, which means you could interact with the phone without touching its display.

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These pressure-sensitive sensors would also be used to tell your device how you're holding it. For instance, if you're holding an iPhone or iPad with your left hand and your thumb accidentally touches part of the screen, you could still operate the device with your right hand as you normally would.

The force sensors would detect that you're holding the phone or tablet with your left hand, preventing the display from mistaking this as a multitouch gesture. Apple's patented force sensor tech would essentially serve the same purpose as palm rejection.

This isn't the first time we've seen Apple patents experiment with different uses for the touch screen displays on its products. Back in November, the United States Patent and Trademark office published a patent for tech that turns your iPhone's touchscreen into a fingerprint scanner.