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Apple App Store Prices Up, Proving Android Users Are Cheap?

With a staggering 15 billion downloads under its belt, Apple's App Store is king. And as Apple Insider reports, things are only looking up for iOS: A new study finds that app downloads will increase 61 percent by the end of 2011—and app costs will grow 14 percent within the same time frame.

Gene Munster, the Piper Jaffray analyst who published these numbers, said that the average iPad, iPhone, or iPod user will download 81 iOS apps in 2011, up from an average of 51 in 2010. Munster attributes this growth trend to the App Store's wide selection of apps (with more than 425,000 apps, it dwarfs the Android Market, which has some 200,000 apps and just reached the 4.5 billion app download mark in May).

Perhaps even more interesting than the rise in app downloads is the projected raise in app costs that iOS users are willing to swallow. Munster's report indicates that, for the 18 percent of App Store apps that are paid, the average app costs $1.44.

So are iOS users simply more willing to spend money on apps than their Android counterparts? Well, that might be part of the story, but it also looks like the more-costly iPad apps available through the App Store are responsible for driving app prices up. Munster's report puts the average iPad paid app at $6.32—up 36 percent from last year. And in terms of what all these rising numbers mean, Piper Jaffray sees these numbers as a testament to the importance of an app store to enhance the experience of using Apple's devices.

via Apple Insider