Androidly Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Android Smartwatch

While smartwatches such as the Pebble Watch and Sony SmartWatch make a quality companion to your smartphone, they can't necessarily replace it. The folks behind Androidly aim to change that, as they're building an Android smartwatch complete with access to a 2.5 GSM network for making calls and pulling data from the web. Androidly needs your help to bring their experimental vision to life, so the company has launched an Indiegogo campaign in an attempt to fund the device's fall release.

Androidly describes its product as a "watch with an Android phone," as the device runs on a custom version of Android 2.2 with full access to the Google Play store. The 6.4 x 4.2 x 1.4 cm smartwatch packs 256 MB of RAM, 8 GB of included SD storage, a 2-megapixel camera, and a 320 x 240 touchscreen. Androidly also boasts GPS and Bluetooth functionality, and will support custom apps for Android developers.

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There are an array of perks available for those who'd like to contribute to Androidly's campaign. A $20 donation will net you either an Androidly T-shirt or extra battery, while the $219 "Early Bird" package includes the Androidly smartwatch, charger, and 8 GB memory card. There's a $439 "Couple Pack" with two Androidly devices, as well as a hefty $859 "Androidly Super Pack" with four of them. The device is available in Ivory, Licorice, and Dim Gray for those who make the plunge. 

Androidly isn't the first company with a smartwatch fundraiser, and the group created a humorous commercial to set itself apart. The video features actors dressed as superheroes stumbling with their smartphones while multitasking, before discovering the streamlined benefits of Androidly. 

"Androidly is the true hero everyone deserves and needs right now," says the trailer. 

Androidly aims to raise $100,000 by Sept. 18, and will use all collected funds towards the product even if the goal isn't met. Production for Androidly is planned for Sept. 25, with a current worldwide shipping date of Oct. 25.

Michael Andronico
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