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Android to Support Intel Architecture. Intel Shows Off Medfield Phone, Tablet

The long road to Intel-powered Android phones and tablets got a bit shorter today as Google's Andy Rubin joined Intel CEO Paul Otellini on stage at the Intel Developers Forum to announce a partnership between the two companies, where Google will build Intel Architecture support into Android at the Kernel level.

Rubin's appearance on stage occurred after Otellini had already showed off both a Medfield-powered Android phone and 10-inch Medfield-powered tablet. Versions of the phone will be available to developers this fall.

We've been hearing about Intel's low-power Medfield chips for over a year now, as we first took a briefing on the platform way back in 2010 and then watched as Intel's Anand Chandrasekher touted the technology at Mobile World Congress this February. However, we have yet to see a shipping mobile phone or tablet with Medfield inside and competitors have questioned the platform's power-efficiency.  Today's enthusiastic endorsement from Google shows that there is momentum behind Intel's mobile play afterall.

Check out the video of Andy Rubin talking about Android's support for Intel below.

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