Android to Outnumber iPhones by Over 500 Million This Year (Report)

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Android is better than iPhone. iPhone pwns Android. Just like Pepsi vs. Coke and Spy vs. Spy, Android vs. iPhone is one of those debates that has and will continue to rage on for the foreseeable future. Now, Android loyalists have some new ammunition. According to a new study by ABI Research, Android devices will outpace iPhones by 500 million units when the calender flips to December. Punch.

However, iOS fans can retaliate with this: market analyst Aapo Markkanen states that 268 million tablets will be in use when December rolls around. 62% will run Apple's mobile OS, while 28% will be Android-based. Counterpunch.

In terms of smartphones, the exact numbers are 798 million Android handsets and 294 million iPhones. ABI's study also found that the smartphone market will grow by 44 percent, which is just a tick behind last year's pace of 45 percent, both of which are strong rates. Push for market share will also be driven in part by Windows Phone and the recent launch of BlackBerry 10. By year's end, Markkanen states that 45 million Windows Phone devices will be active, while BlackBerry 10 phones will number roughly 20 million.

via Venturebeat

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  • 3l_cid Says:

    You can't compare Android (and operating system; a.k.a software) with the iPhone (hardware).
    I'm with PapaJoe on this one.

  • 3l_cid Says:

    You can't comparing Android (and operating system; a.k.a software) with the iPhone (hardware).
    I'm with PapaJoe on this one.

  • Konrad Krawczyk, Assistant Reviews Editor Says:

    iOS and iPhone go hand in hand though. Your point is moot.

  • PapaJoe Says:

    Android is an operating system, iPhone is a hardware, just to let u know. If u wanna compare operating systems, u should compare Android with iOS.
    Android op. system runs on hundreds of phones meanwhile iOS runs on couple of phones.
    Anyway, congratulations for this article, it's just a waste of space...

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