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Android Phones With 720p Displays Coming Soon

The announcement of LG's Optimus LTE phone in South Korea heralded a new era in Android smartphones thanks to its new 1280 x 720p resolution display on a 4.5-inch screen. Described as a retina display for Android, it's powered by LG's Mobile HD Graphics Engine. The display itself is described by LG as a "True HD IPS" screen. IPS is a type of LCD display technology stands for in-plane switching and refers to the parallel placement of the liquid crystals in relation to the display glass.

The new device also features 329 ppi RGB resolution for crisper text and images; automatic color adjustments thanks to the Mobile HD Graphics Engine; and an HD Movie Editor.

This display capability will be built into Android 3.2, Ice Cream Sandwich, to make it easier for developers to program apps to scale to multiple screen sizes. Though the higher res display is meant more for tablets, it's clear that phones are taking advantage of it, too.  In addition to the South Korean-only Optimus LTE, the forthcoming Google Nexus Prime is expected to include a similar 4.65-inch display with 1280 x 720p resolution.

via GigaOM