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Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Update Rolls Out For Sprint Samsung Galaxy S2

After months of waiting, Samsung Galaxy S2 users on Sprint’s network will finally be able to update their devices to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The anticipated update brings a slew of new improvements such as Google Now support, offline voice typing, and a smoother user interface known as “Project Butter.”

Google unveiled its Jelly Bean operating system last spring at its annual I/O conference and debuted the software on its flagship line of Nexus devices. Carriers and manufacturers have been slowly rolling out the update ever since, but Jelly Bean still only accounts for roughly 16 percent of all active Android devices. According to the Android Developer Dashboard, Android 4.1 comprises 14.9 percent of the Android market place while the newer Android 4.2 accounts for 1.6 percent.

While the jump to Android 4.1 will be a welcome upgrade for Galaxy S2 owners, it’s still one generation behind the most current version of the software. Android 4.2, which was introduced in November, brings a redesigned camera app and improved Web browser performance among other additions to Android devices.

Sadly, 4.2 Jelly Bean may be the last new version of Android that the Galaxy S2 will ever see. Samsung news blog Sam Mobile claims to have snagged a list of devices that will not be upgraded to Android 5.0, and the Galaxy S2 was among those smartphones. This hasn’t been confirmed and can only be considered rumor at this point, but the Android 4.1 update comes just shy of a year after it was initially introduced.