Amazon's Trade-In Program Now Accepts Netbooks and Macbooks

Amazon's Trade-In Program began accepting used electronics just over a year ago, but while the company would gladly accept MP3 players, cameras, tablets, smartphones and more in exchange for an Amazon gift card, it wouldn't take used laptops.  That changes today: due to popular demand, Amazon has announced that Apple notebooks and non-Apple netbooks have been added to its Electronics Trade-In program.

The Amazon Trade-In program couldn't be simpler; you visit the trade-in page, plug in a description of the item you want to exchange, and if Amazon's willing to accept the item, the company will provide you with a free packing slip for shipping.  

Digging through the "Laptop" listings in the Electronics Trade-In section results in page after page of netbook results punctuated by numerous Macbook listings. Macbooks and Macbook Airs can be traded in for several hundred dollars apiece, while a handful of Macbook Pros are worth over $1,000 to Amazon. By comparison, most netbooks sell for under $100 a pop.

The trade-ins look to be limited to mainstream netbook brands, although some Alienware notebooks can be turned in for a gift card. Full-sized laptops from manufacturers other than Apple still aren't accepted for trade-in, either.

What's your preferred method for cashing in on unwanted laptops?