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Amazon Reportedly Testing New Wireless Network

You likely shop on Amazon and might own a Kindle Fire HD, but could you imagine the e-commerce giant becoming your internet service provider? According to a some recent findings, Amazon might someday power the wireless internet that you use to browse its website.

Bloomberg is reporting that Amazon has recently tested a new wireless network in Cupertino, Calif. The network is powered by satellite communications firm Globalstar,  and was tested in Amazon's Lab126, the same place where the Kindle was created. ZDNet notes that Globalstar is waiting for the FCC's permission to convert around 80 percent of its spectrum to Wi-Fi services, after which the firm may lease its internet resources to Amazon and other companies.

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Considering Amazon's ever-expanding reach across physical and digital products, the possibility of the company selling internet access isn't too far off. Amazon wouldn't be the first of its kind to move in this direction, as Google has been slowly rolling out their Google Fiber service in a select few markets. 

Amazon surely has everything it needs to present a cohesive package if the company decides to become an ISP. With a full line of tablets and digital streaming services, the company would have no shortage of incentives to convince consumers to connect to the web with their own form of branded internet.