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Amazon's Rumored Smartphone to Offer Free 'Prime' Data

The heat is on. Amazon's rumored Kindle Fire-style smartphone may give competitors a run for their money, thanks to a unique package tentatively named "Prime Data." The service reportedly gives you free LTE data when you use specific apps.

Sources told that Prime Data could ride on AT&T's Sponsored Data program, which lets you  browse the web or use apps online without the traffic counting toward your monthly data allotment. Companies enrolled in the program pay for the data you use, so long as you're engaging with their content.

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Amazon's plan would be different from AT&T's offering due to API limitations and co-branding requirements in apps that use Sponsored Data, according to 

Another form of Prime Data could see consumers getting free access to Amazon services, such as streaming movies, TV shows or downloading e-books over data networks without affecting their monthly limits. The online retail giant already offers a Prime service that gives members free two-day shipping and instant videos.

While the details for Prime Data aren't clear yet, this is one of several unique traits that Amazon's rumored to reveal with its smartphone. It's been widely reported that the device will sport a glasses-free 3D screen that uses four front cameras to track your perspective and create faux holographic images. Amazon's also reportedly replacing traditional navigation buttons with tilt gestures for its smartphone's interface.

With all these tantalizing tidbits out in the ether, we are excited to see what Amazon has to show this summer -- the expected launch window of its hotly anticipated smartphone.