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Amazon Instant Video Now Available for iPhone, iPod

Google Maps may be the most eagerly awaited app to land in the iOS App Store today, but streaming video lovers will be happy to hear that an iPhone- and iPod-compatible version of Amazon Instant Video has landed on Apple’s virtual shelves, as well.

The app dishes out full access to more than 140,000 Instant Video streaming titles available to rent or buy. Amazon Prime subscribers can watch more than 30,000 of those titles absolutely free, aside from the $79 per year cost of the Prime subscription itself.

A “Watchlist” queue feature lets your keep tabs on titles you want to watch, whether you own them or not, while a “Your Video Library” function neatly aggregates titles you’ve already plunked down cash for, no matter if you bought said show through the app, the Web interface, or an Amazon Instant Video-compatible home theater device like the Xbox 360.

An iPad-optimized version of Amazon Instant Video has been available since the summer. Most Android owners are still stuck with in-browser Instant Video streaming, since you won’t find the service listed in Google Play. We’re confident an Amazon Instant Video Android app will pop up eventually, but when you consider that Instant Video access is an exclusive selling point for Amazon’s self-made Kindle Fire tablets, we wouldn’t expect the company to rush development on a version for other Google-powered devices.

Via Engadget