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Amazon Developing 7-inch iPad Competitor?

Apple's grip on the tablet market surely seems iron-clad, but other worthy challengers are waiting in the wings. In fact, a new report claims Amazon is readying a 7-inch slate set to go head-to-head against the iPad Juggernaut. If any would-be competitor has a shot at shaking Apple from its perch, no doubt it's Amazon. 

Citing Taiwanese media outlet Digitimes, a report by tech site Digital Trends asserts that Amazon is cooking up a 7-inch tablet to debut in October, along with a similar 10-inch slate expected sometime in Q1 of 2012.

Amazon's kindle reader device is a big hit among consumers, driven in part by a low sub $200 price. The company's ebook store has enjoyed great success as well with users purchasing titles via the Kindle plus through its downloadable app available on iOS and Android tablets and smartphones. It's a logical conclusion that Amazon's next step is to take the full plunge into the tablet space by selling a full-fledged slate computer of its own.

The Wall Street Journal agrees, reporting that Amazon is working a tablet for the October 2011 time frame and stands a chance at doing retail combat with Apple especially if it offers a device for under $300. Amazon's main bookstore rival Barnes & Noble, with the Nook, has gained some market traction by doing just that. We'll have to wait and see if this speculation has any ground to stand on and how well a low price competes against a much coveted luxury brand.

 via Digital Trends, Wall Street Journal