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7 out of 10 Android Phones Never Ran Up-to-Date Versions of OS

Is your Android phone running an outdated version of Google's mobile operating system? Turns out, you're probably not alone. Michael DeGusta over at theunderstatement has put together an info-graphic tracking each generation of Android devices from the debut of the G1 in 2008 up until the launch of the HTC Aria in June 2010, and according to his analysis, most Android devices are at least one to two operating system versions out-of-date within the first year of their release.

According to DeGusta, roughly seven out of every 10 Android phones never ran an up-to-date operating system.Worth noting is the fact that Apple's iPhone's each received continuous updates to their operating systems from the time they were released until they Apple stopped supporting them.

The most obvious culprit for Android phones falling out of date, would be the fragmentation of the operating system. There is no centralized source that pushes out updates to users, like in Apple's situation. On top of that, companies can use whatever version of the operating system they see fit. No one, beside consumers, will ask Verizon or Motorola to bring their phones up-to-date.

The most serious problem, as DeGusta points out, is that an outdated operating system can lead to increased security vulnerabilities. In addition to operating system updates, phones were also severely lacking in security patches following their discontinuation. And as many users can attest, just because a phone is no longer sold in stores, doesn't mean you'll stop using it regularly.

This, of course, raises the question of what phones will receive Google's next big Android update, Ice Cream Sandwich. If history is an indication, it would seem that a lot of current Android users will have to do without Ice Cream Sandwich.

via theunderstatement