20 Sexiest Laptops of All Time

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Forget Manolo Blahnik and Christian Louboutins. There's just something about a beautiful laptop that heats up our CPUs. What makes a notebook truly sexy? It could be stunning color options, remarkably sleek lines, premium materials, unique textures, customizable lighting or all of the above. From the original iBook (remember that?) to the most striking systems Dell, HP and Lenovo have debuted, here are our picks for 20 of the sexist notebooks of all time. These laptops look so good, we had to do a double take...twice. Did we get it right or did we forget your favorite stunner? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Gdhvdnb Says:

    The XPS M2010 isn't on this list and that makes me so sad, I cannot type my name properly.

  • ilovecoolthings Says:

    I think the G3 needs to be swapped with the titanium G4 and that the MacBook Air needs to be swapped with the Aluminium MacBook Pro.

  • Delldesignbest Says:

    Dell xps 13? Inspiron 15 5000 series?
    Where are they?

  • JC Says:

    The brightly-colored Sony Vaio P series (2nd gen) in 2010 was sexy also.

  • Johner Says:

    No Sony Vaio Pro? They are very sexy, and steve jobs wanted OSX on these machines.

  • VFanRJ Says:

    I have to agree with Jeffrey, I was expecting the Chromebook Pixel to be on the list. Too much $ for me but that doesn't mean that I didn't lust after it.

  • Jeffrey Pan Says:

    I think the Chromebook Pixel and Vaio Pro should both be on there.

  • Tamoor Abbasi Says:

    How can we miss Sony Vaio X (2009)?

  • Mike Says:

    Acer Ferrari 4005...
    It should have been a top 5 on anyone's list, let alone on your top 20.

    Carbon fibre, rubberized, and an exhaust port on it that kicked out the heat of a Formula 1 engine. All beautified by the Ferrari logos.

  • Chuck Says:

    No Titanium Powerbook? No Tibook? Incredible omission...

  • dan Says:

    Please update with the chrome book pixel!

  • James Says:

    I've always found it rather strange to call any piece of technology 'sexy' however it's amazing how many people factor in the looks of a product such as a laptop or a phone in when choosing one to buy. As an owner of many laptops I definitely have some I'd rather show off than others simply because people can't see how powerful some of them are from a distance, people can just see what they look like.

    Good choices.

  • aysh Says:

    How much Alienware M17x (2009) ??

  • Donna Martin Says:

    I think they look very SEXY cause I use a old little apple that wieghts a ton and is so slow I guess you would ll it a dinasor ..lol/ :-)

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