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10 Best Cases for the New iPad Pro

Apple's new iPad Pros are here, featuring a revamped design complete with thin bezels, Face ID integration and a blazing A12X processor that can outpace many laptops.

But at a starting price of $799 on the 11-inch model and $999 on the 12.9-inch version, the new iPad Pro isn't cheap. And dropping it on the ground could make for a very expensive brick.

So, we've compiled the following roundup of cases designed for the new 11- and 12.9-inch iPad Pros that will both safeguard your investment and in some cases, add some functionality. Here are our top picks.

Credit: Laptop Mag 

Apple Smart Keyboard Folio

Apple's Smart Keyboard Folio is the follow-up to its popular case-keyboard combo. The device can be used to fold over the iPad Pro's screen and protect it when it's not in use. But when you want to work on the iPad Pro, you can flip the case around and use it as a stand to prop it up. Better yet, the folio comes with a keyboard inside, so you can work on the iPad Pro as if it's a notebook. But at a starting price of $179, get ready to fork over some serious cash to get your new case. If you want a more protective case or one with a more traditional keyboard, check out our iPad Pro keyboard case face-off. Credit: Apple

Incipio Faraday Folio Case

The Faraday is similar to Apple's folio, since it wraps around your screen and allows you to safeguard your device when it's not in use. And when you're ready to work on the iPad Pro, you can flip the case around and use it as a stand. Better yet, there's even a place to store your Apple Pencil. But since there's no keyboard included in the folio, you can save a few bucks and pay only $50 for the 12.9-inch version. Credit: Incipio

Apple Smart Folio

Apple Smart Folio

If you'd prefer to save a few bucks but still go with an Apple case for your new iPad Pro, consider the company's Smart Folio. It's a thin case that covers the screen when it's not in use, which also means the back of the device isn't protected. When you use the iPad Pro, you can fold the folio and use it as a stand that props up your screen. But unlike the smart keyboard version, there's no keyboard inside this one. The Smart Folio goes for $79 for the 11-inch model, and $99 for the 12.9-inch version. Credit: Apple

Pelican Voyager

Pelican's Voyager is launching soon and doesn't yet have a price, but that shouldn't stop you from considering it. The case is made with angled edges that are designed to divert shock from your iPad if the tablet is dropped. And since it comes with a built-in kickstand, you can prop up the screen to make it easy to work on the tablet without holding it. According to Pelican, the Voyager has been tested to military specifications for protection. It's not the prettiest case in this roundup, but it's among the best at protecting the iPad Pro. Credit: Pelican

Olixar ArmourDillo

Olixar ArmourDillo

If you're most concerned about using your iPad Pro on the go and not seeing it get damaged if it falls, consider the Olixar ArmourDillo. The device is made with an impact-resistant polycarbonate "exoskeleton" that’s designed to absorb impact and reduce chances of damage to your iPad. But with help from TPU inside the case, there's little chance of your tablet getting scratched during use. And since the exterior of the case comes with a textured grid, there's less chance of you dropping it. But, arguably, the Olixar case's best feature is its price: It costs just $14.49. Credit: Olixar

Speck Presidio Pro

If you're a fan of folios, you might want to check out the new Speck Presidio Pro for the iPad Pro. Like other folios, the Presidio Pro is designed to wrap around your screen when it's not in use. And when you're using your iPad Pro, you can fold the folio around your device and prop it up with the folio. According to Speck, it's tested the Presidio Pro's drop protection and promises to keep your tablet safe, even if you drop it at a height of 6 feet. The Presidio Pro costs $59.95 for the 11-inch model and $89.95 for the 12.9-inch version. Credit: Speck

Otterbox Defender

Otterbox offers some of the most protective cases on the market. And the company's Otterbox Defender follows in that tradition. With the Defender, you'll find a case that can wrap around your iPad Pro and protect the device from a fall, thanks to its hard outer shell. Inside, there's a soft material that will limit chances of your iPad Pro getting scratched during use. And if you're worried about your screen, you don't need to buy a separate screen protector — the Defender comes with one built in. Not bad for a case that costs $90 for the 11-inch model or $130 for the 12.9-inch version. Credit: Otterbox

Speck Balance Folio

Speck Balance Folio

Another outstanding Speck case option is the company's Balance Folio. The case, which will set you back $60 for the 11-inch version, envelops the entire tablet to reduce chances of damage to the front or back during use. Better yet, there's an area inside the case that's designed to store your Apple Pencil. When your folio is open, you'll find that it acts as a stand for propping up your tablet. And with help from grooves in the front of the folio, you can adjust the angle you're viewing the iPad Pro on. Credit: Speck

Targus VersaVu

Targus is getting into the iPad Pro case market with help from the Targus VersaVu. Like many of the others on the market, the VersaVu is a folio that envelops the iPad Pro and protects it from falls. There's also a handy latch on the case that will keep it closed in your bag when you're not using the tablet. When the folio is open, you can use it as a stand. You can also adjust the angle at which you view the screen. It's available for the 11-inch iPad Pro and costs $55. Credit: Targus

Pipetto Origami

Pipetto Origami

Pipetto's Origami is nothing if not interesting. It gets its name from its unique folding mechanism when the folio is opened, which allows for five different positions. Two of the positions are for typing and viewing, while two others are designed for soft surfaces or tray tables that might make it difficult to keep your tablet up. One more, a portrait option, is there to give you full access to all of the device's buttons and cameras. Needless to say, if you want a case that gives you flexibility in its usability, the Origami is a great place to start. The 11-inch Origami costs $35, with the 12.9-inch option going for $40. Credit: Pipetto