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Zite Review

Zite is a visually appealing news app that learns what you like to read the more you use it, but the lack of control might turn off some users.

Flipboard Review

Flipboard's beautiful design and engaging sharing features make it our favorite news app.

Taptu Review

Taptu delivers newsfeeds and links from social networks in a single app that also offers good offline support.

Pulse Review

Pulse offers a well-designed interface and easy access to compelling content from multiple news sources on Android and iOS devices.

LogMeIn Pro2 Review

A browser-based remote-access app, LogMeIn Pro2 has a clean interface and robust--but technical--controls.

GoToMyPC 7 Pro Review

This intuitive remote-access app lets you easily get to your home or office computer from miles away and offers smooth performance.

LogMeIn Ignition Review

LogMeIn Ignition is an affordable alternative to GoToMyPC that lets you stream audio as well as video, but its overall performance isn't as smooth.

Splashtop Remote Review

Splashtop Remote makes it a cinch to access your PC from an Android or iOS device over a local network.

GoToMyPC for iPad Review

GoToMyPC for iPad does a good job of bringing your notebook's desktop to the tablet.

Evernote for Mac Review

This auto-syncing digital junk drawer keeps your notes, images, and ideas organized.