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If you're in the market for a high-performance laptop, you have plenty of choices. Unfortunately, you'll have to navigate a minefield of inferior options. Our laptop reviews and buying guides are here to help you find and compare the best 2015 laptops for your needs and your budget.

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Dell XPS 13 (2015) Review

A 13-inch notebook in an 11-inch body, the Dell XPS 13 packs a lot of screen and punch into its wonderfully compact frame.

5 Best Toshiba Laptops

In 1986, Toshiba rocked the PC world with the first modern laptop in the J-3100. It sported a 3.5-inch floppy drive, a CRT display and a rechargeable battery.

Best HP Laptops

We love HP for its sleekly designed laptops that provide comfortable keyboards and touchpads. The company's wide selection ranges from 11-inch convertibles to big-screen multimedia systems, offering something for any budget or use.

Laptop Buying Guide: 8 Essential Tips

Compact enough to carry with you, yet versatile enough to run demanding applications, a laptop is the best tool for doing serious work or play at home and on the road. While standalone tablets and sma...

Best Lenovo Laptops

Lenovo's notebooks have long been praised for their best-in-class keyboards and durable designs, but those qualities are just the tip of a very tall iceberg. From ThinkPads that set the gold standar...

MSI GT80 Titan SLI: a Beast with a Mechanical Keyboard

MSI has released aTitan -- the GT80 Titan SLI that is. The company's latest gaming notebook is an 18.4-inch beast that features dual Nvidia GPUs in SLI formations, a whopping four SSDs and a hard ...

Meet the Aorus X5: World's Strongest 15-inch Gaming Laptop

In this corner, you have the 15.6-inch Aorus X5 ($2,299 staring price), weighing in at 5.5 pounds with a thickness of 0.9 inches. In the other corner, you have the competition: other 15.6-inch gaming laptops.

Dell XPS 13 Boasts Thinnest Screen Bezel Ever

LAS VEGAS -- How low can you go? This CES, we've already seen the world's lightest 13-inch laptop in Lenovo's LaVie Z, and now Dell has introduced what could be the smallest. The company's new XPS 1...

Apple's Next MacBook Air May Be 12 Inches (Report)

Via 9to5Mac Apple may have a new MacBook Air size up its sleeve, if the rumors are to be believed. Mark Gurman at9to5Mac claims that the next super-slim Apple laptop will be 12-inches. The project...

How Intel Broadwell Will Change Laptops

The 5th generation of Intel Core processors are here, and it's ready to bring even bigger power to a variety of laptops and 2-in-1s. Known more simply as Intel Broadwell, the chipmaker's latest proces...