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Tapose for iOS Review

We review Tapose for iOS, a app that lets you collect web clippings, maps, business cards, and images.

Snapseed Review

We review Snapseed, a $5 photo editing app for the iPad that brings some serious competition to existing photo editing apps.

Amazon Outsmarts Apple With Its New Kindle Store for iPad App

It was last July when Apple demanded that Amazon retract some features from its Kindle for iPad app, but now the online superstore is fighting back. Amazon cleverly found a way to dodge Apple's App St...

Zite Review

Zite is a visually appealing news app that learns what you like to read the more you use it, but the lack of control might turn off some users.

Flipboard Review

Flipboard's beautiful design and engaging sharing features make it our favorite news app.

LogMeIn Ignition Review

LogMeIn Ignition is an affordable alternative to GoToMyPC that lets you stream audio as well as video, but its overall performance isn't as smooth.

My Taptu Review

This social news aggregator app keeps you up to speed on your favorite topics (and people), but we'll like it more when it stops adding promos to our Facebook posts.

Apple iWork for iPad Review

Apple's word processor, spreadsheet maker, and presentation app for the iPad are easy to use, and they make your documents look good.

DataViz Documents to Go Premium Office Suite Review

This office suite for the iPad includes an excellent word processor, but we don't recommend it for creating presentations.

Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite for iPad Review

Our favorite office suite for the iPhone makes a strong debut on the iPad.