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The Age of Bathroom Computing Has Arrived. Should You Give a Crap?

I was talking to an IT manager friend about smart phones the other day and was surprised to hear that she didn't want one. "I work from home and don't leave the house enough to need one," she said. "Do you go to the bathroom?" I asked. .

Face Off: iPad vs. Netbooks

Just before unveiling the iPad, Steve Jobs gleefully declared that netbooks "aren't good at anything." "They're slow, have clunky displays, and run clunky old PC software," he continued. "They're just cheap laptops." .

Adobe: Flash 10.1 Will Silence Apple's Criticism, Tablets Have More Appeal Than Netbooks

While Apple is reportedly badmouthing Flash all over town for being buggy and crash-prone, Adobe is championing its upcoming mobile player as a way to supercharge the very smart phones and tablets com...