Best SSDs of 2016

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What Kind of Laptop do you want to see?    

Replacing your laptop's hard drive with a solid state drive, or SSD, can triple or quadruple your storage performance, allowing you to boot, open apps or multitask much more quickly. Below, you'll find our top picks, based on the in-depth testing performed by sister sites AnandTech and Tom's Hardware. Our favorite SSD for the money right now is the Samsung 850 EVO ($74.99), but we have other recommendations for higher performance or different form factors.

Before You Buy

Read the hardware maintenance manual or check Crucial Memory's advisor tool to find out what form factor of SSD your laptop requires and whether you can upgrade it at all. Most mainstream laptops, including any notebook that currently has a hard drive, use 2.5-inch drives, but some take stick-sized SSDs in the M.2 (60 or 80mm) or mSATA format. A few high-end laptops even take PCIe drives, which offer two to three times the performance of a typical SSD. 

Best SSD Under $100

Samsung 850 EVO

Samsung has long been a leader in the SSD space, and the 850 EVO shows that the company can offer really strong performance at a very low price. Available in either 2.5-inch or M.2 (80mm) sizes, the 850 promises up to 540-MBps sequential reads and 520-MBps sequential writes. The drive's TLC V-NAND Flash memory is rated for up to 75TB of endurance, which means the drive and your computer will have been long obsolete before you max out its write capacity.

Samsung 850 EVO Review (AnandTech)