Where to Find the HP TouchPad in Stock

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HP learned a little too late that just matching the specs and the price of the iPad isn't enough, and you had a chance to cash in on the company's pain over the weekend when the price of the HP TouchPad 16GB dropped to $99 and the 32GB swooned to $150 But the stampede of customers suddenly interested in the TouchPad means you probably won't find one at that price. Early adopters can even get in touch with HP and Best Buy to ask for a refund on the difference

There were plenty of ways HP could have generated interest in the TouchPad without giving it away, but that time has passed, and so has your chance for a $99 TouchPad. Best Buy is sold out and even NewEgg is out of stock on the 32GB model and it has discontinued the 16GB configuration. Short of taking your chances on sites such as eBay, here are a few places you might still find the ToughPad, albeit without a discount.

  • Amazon is the obvious first choice when it come to online vendors. It still offers the TouchPad in both 16GB and 32GB starting from $352 and $380, respectively. 
  • Buy.com has sellers offering the TouchPad ranging in price from $399 to $590, and the site itself has a 4.5-star rating on Google product search. 
  • Sears also still carries the TouchPad, starting price at $428 and climbing as high as $522.
  • Mwave has Touchpads in stock ranging from $405 to $490.
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  • John M Says:

    For the inflated price of these devices on ebay, sears and others you would be better served purchasing an Asus Transformer or Moto Xoom tablet or the like and get some real reliability and compatable apps without al the b$

  • Brian Says:

    When you search on touchpad at Sears, it comes up on the screen briefly and then takes you back to the search screen. They are probably blocking it.

  • Jaa Says:

    So the price gets dropped, and people get so insane about having one of these that they would consider paying more than it was originally worth? Either wait for hp.com to restock or purchase a galaxy tab if you're willing to shell out the dough

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