Preorders for T-Mobile iPhone 5 Start Today

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T-Mobile users itching to get their hands on an iPhone 5 can now relax.  Finally, after years of consumers waiting with bated breath, the carrier started taking preorders for Apple's latest iPhone today.

T-Mobile's handsets will be the only iPhone 5 models to have AWS HSPA+ 42 support enabled; iPhones from other carriers can't get it via a software update. So users who are thinking about moving from AT&T, Sprint or Verizon to T-Mobile will have to purchase a new model  if they want the fastest possible connections. Consumers can get the iPhone 5 through T-Mobile for $99 down plus 24 payments of $20, totaling $579.

It's worth noting that T-Mobile's iPhone 5 will come unlocked out of the box with no contract strings attached for those who pay up-front. However, if you choose the payment plan, the device will remain carrier-locked until it's paid off or you decide to trade it in. The iPhone 5 will ship and be available in retail stores on April 12.

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  • dembow Says:

    That is iPhone 4 in the picture. Fail!

  • Tommy Hawkstone Says:

    Wrong. The iPhone 5 for T-Mobile will be the same model as for AT&amp;T, except unlocked. If you have an unlocked AT&amp;T model iPhone 5 you will be able to use it with T-Mobile. T-Mobile is pushing carrier updates to existing iPhone 5's on their network for LTE support and Visual Voicemail. Only the AT&amp;T model of iPhone 5 has the LTE band support that T-Mobile is using.

  • Shannon Says:

    They advertise 99/199/299 but when you go in a pre order for me it was 279.00/379/479, I have good credit and have been with t-mobile for 12 years without interuption, I qualify for 5 phones but do not qualify for 99 down, I dont get it. Good thing we are no longer under contract.....

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