Nielsen: Android Mopped the Floor with iPhone Last Quarter

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After the launch of the iPhone 4S and the arrival of Apple's handset on Sprint, plenty of pundits pondered whether or not the iPhone was actually outselling Android phones across the country. Nielsen sifted through the mountain of data that comes in through its analytical network and says it has the answer: nope, not by a long shot.

The research firm says that of all the people who purchased smartphones in the second quarter, 54.6 percent opted for an Android-based model, while 36.3 percent decided to pick up an iPhone, instead. But Apple is doing a lot better than a certain Canadian company.

It's not hard to see where the new customers are coming from for Android and Apple: RIM still claims 8.1 percent of the total smartphone market, but only 4 percent of buyers in the second quarter went for a BlackBerry. BlackBerry 10 can't come fast enough for the struggling company, especially after the recent launch of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and the threat of a looming iPhone 5.

Even though iPhone sales don't rival Android sales, Nielsen says Apple has the largest slice of the pie among manufacturers. Apple holds 34 percent of the overall handset market, while Samsung comes in second with a 17 percent share, just ahead of HTC. Two-thirds of all cellphone buyers in the second quarter chose a smartphone over a feature phone.

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    • Observer Says:

      Here are the real numbers

      Net Applications, which monitors hits on its 40,000 client sites and weighs the results based on population statistics, issued a report Sunday that shows Apple’s iOS dominating the mobile Web with a record 65.27% share, up 4.2% percentage points in June alone,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.
      “Google’s Android — despite smartphone sales that have long since overtaken the iPhone’s — came in far behind at 19.73%, although its growth year over year was faster (38% to 24.5% for iOS),” P.E.D. reports.

       In May, the iPad had accounted for 94.64% of all tablet web traffic, the company previously reported. Among the non-iPad tablet devices, the top tablet was the Samsung Galaxy Tab, with a 1.77% share of traffic, for example.

    • lrd Says:

      Yeah. What would these charts look like if we included the iPad? It's a mobile OS too.
      Same OS on the iPhone.

      Here's what counts:

      Apple will sell 30 million iPhones last quarter; 14 million iPads, 4 million macs; make $2 billion from iTunes & app store.

      Google: 1000 Nexus 7" tablets. Or pretty close to it. Like who, other than the geeks, care about it?

      Google revenues, well, let's say 1/5 of Apple's; profits 1/5 of Apple's

      That says it all.

    • jake Says:

      All the Android makers are losing money except for Samsung. Most Androids can't compete against the iPhone and must sell at a significantly lower price point. So they really are selling to those who only use em as a phone. It's a false economy that will disappear in the next year, imo. Apple only needs to come out with a lower end iPhone, like they did the iPod so many years ago. That wiped out the lower end competitors back then.

    • Alex Says:

      Can't argue with what you all are saying. Although, sounds like some Apple fanboys in the house. I've tried them both, have a windows phone. Getting a Nexus 7 Tablet (weird, I know. Two OS!). Anything but Apple and I will be happy, and have a lot more money in my pocket to go on dates.

    • Jim Says:

      This is why you need to actually look at the data and determine what it says about the market instead of just taking the results and splashing some click grabbing headline. You had a chance to tell the public what those stats really mean and it's effect on the industry. Instead you chose to regurgitate old misled thinking and put a headline on it that you felt could get people to read it. It's simply an integrity issue. You knew the truth you just didn't want to be a part of it. Mops? Really? What is that implying?

    • James Says:

      Yet, Apple earns 70% of all handset profits world-wide to include smartphones, feature phones and dumb phones.

      iPhone developers also collect the bulk of the cash and users get Apps for iPhone first, Android comes second.

      Android has become the new feature phone. Low profit for manufactures, low profit for developers and users get Apps ported from iPhone. Clearly second class.

    • Brad Chacos, LAPTOP Contributor Says:

      Hi ViewRoyal and Jim,

      I agree -- that the iPhone alone is 1/3 of all smartphone sales is an amazing stat. I touch on Apple's dominance in that regard in the last paragraph. As far as the iPad goes, Nielsen's data was looking solely at smartphones, not all mobile devices.

    • Jim Says:

      Now re-write this headline but this time focus on what really matters, profit or developer payouts. Market share is for bragging rights only and means nothing to the bottom line. The funny thing is, there is only one company on the Android side making a profit, the rest are losing money. and that Android handset maker makes a fraction of Apple's profit. Also, why not include the iPad numbers since it runs the iPhone OS?

    • ViewRoyal Says:

      "Android Mopped the Floor with iPhone"

      To the author of this article: You may not realize it (you obviously don't) that the iPhone is just one phone, while "Android" is hundreds of different phones from many different companies.

      The fact that the iPhone (a single product) is in use by 34% and being bought by 36% of all smartphone users is amazing! There is no single Android phone, not even the Samsung Galaxy III, that approaches those sales and usage figures.

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